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Rosanne Pappas is a mother, artist, writer and international speaker. She is a graduate of Loyola University with a BA in Mass Communications and Broadcasting. Rosanne lives in Florida with her husband and four children. She inspires others as she shares her personal journey of embarking on a paradigm shift from shame to grace.  The story is a triumph of connection over contempt as she opens her heart and her home to God's grace. In the words of Saint Mother Teresa, "It is easier to give a cup of rice to relieve hunger  than to relieve the loneliness and pain of someone unloved in our own home".

Speaking points include:

Calling out to God in pain
Gifts born of pain
Teenage attitude and rebellion: a gift?
Wounds of the past
Freedom from the lies
Connecting with others
Living without masks
Moving from a House of Shame to a House of Grace

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"Rosanne's story is a moving story that prompts one to reexamine their own family relationships.  The presence of the Holy Spirit flowed through that room and there was an apparent heart to heart connection that was felt by everyone in attendance. We were captivated by her profound openness and honesty in sharing the anguish and joy of her story-which is a story we can all relate to. Many expressed to Rosanne, and to one another, that they had a beautiful experience of being touched by God’s grace.” P. Kochenour , Chair of Mission Integration Committee, Clearwater Central Catholic High School, Clearwater, FL

"Rosanne's story and message will be a great gift to many families."   Fr. Julio B. Rivero T.O.R.A. San Isidro Catholic Church, Pompano Bch. FL

"With a sparkle in her eyes, Rosanne shared the story of her personal journey. Her talk was well-planned and insightful. The words she spoke that night still resonate in my mind many years later."  C. Cosgray Catechist and Confirmation Coordinator St. Lukes the Evangelist Parish, Palm Harbor, FL

Spirit FM Conference September 20, 2014

Spirit FM Conference Sept.20,2014

St. Timothy's Women's Retreat 2/7/15

Lourdes Mission Banner Feb. 2015

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