Gertrude the Great - Rosanne Pappas

This year I've decided to sketch many of The Great Holy Men and Women of the Church. Come along with me on this journey as we get to know our elder brothers and sisters in faith.

"And therefore we also having so great a cloud of witnesses over our head, laying aside every weight and sin which surrounds us, let us run by patience to the fight proposed to us," Heb 12:1

Gertrude the Great

November 16th

Gertrude the Great [Latin: Gertrude Magni]

(January 6, 1256 – ca. 1302) was born to a middle class German family, and from an early age she was called to religious life. After joining the Cistercian Order she became proficient in Latin and took to writing numerous works of scholastic theology. However, she is best known for having a great number of mystical experiences and visions of Christ. She also acquired great fame for promoting a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which later became a common form of European piety.

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