Leo the Great - Rosanne Pappas

This year I've decided to sketch many of The Great Holy Men and Women of the Church. Come along with me on this journey as we get to know our elder brothers and sisters in faith.

"And therefore we also having so great a cloud of witnesses over our head, laying aside every weight and sin which surrounds us, let us run by patience to the fight proposed to us," Heb 12:1

Leo the Great

November 10

Leo the Great [Latin: Leo Magnus] (c. 400 – 10 November 461) reigned as the Pope of Rome from 29 September 440 to his death in 461.He was an Italian aristocrat and was born to a prominent Tuscan family. Upon being elected to the Papacy he was the first of the Roman Popes to have been called "Great," a title awarded to him by proclamation for having met Attila the Hun and persuading him single handedly to turn back from his invasion of Italy. He is also most remembered theologically for issuing the a lengthy document which was foundational to the debates of the Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon. The text dealt primarily with Christology, and elucidated the orthodox definition of Christ's being as the hypostatic union of two natures—divine and human—united in one person, "with neither confusion nor division." An understanding that was upheld Enthusiastically at the Council.

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