Martin of Tours - Rosanne Pappas

This year I've decided to sketch many of The Great Holy Men and Women of the Church. Come along with me on this journey as we get to know our elder brothers and sisters in faith.

"And therefore we also having so great a cloud of witnesses over our head, laying aside every weight and sin which surrounds us, let us run by patience to the fight proposed to us," Heb 12:1

Martin of Tours

November 11

Martin of Tours

[Latin: Martinvs Tvronensis] (316 – 8 November 397) was born to a pagan family in modern Hungary. From an early age he served as a soldier in the Roman Military, but against his parents wishes he converted to Christianity and deserted his post, objecting to any use of violence. He then took to living the life of an ascetic, eventually making his way to Gaul (modern France) where he became a disciple of Hilary, the Metropolitan of Poitiers. As a strong opponent of Arianism, he aided Hilary in his defense of the orthodox faith and converted many heretics. Eventually, Martin was elected as the Metropolitan of Tours and gained great renown for his love of the poor.

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